Guy Reams - Chief Revenue Officer


I like to create and then grow things. Especially in the tech space. My background as a CS professor, business owner, and tech executive has provided me the experience to do so. I also like to help others personally grow, which is why I maintain a daily blog dedicated to helping myself and others make and keep life changing commitments. 


These are some of the projects that I am working on.

My primary role, which is serving as CRO. is a group of experts specializing in real world AI implementations. 

A podcast focused on interviewing founders and their early stage investors. I host a monthly episode. 

An intelligent procurement platform for automated cost compression, analytics, and managing datacenter spend.

My daily blog that I have writing since January 7th, 2018. Focused on helping me and others keep life changing commitments.

A SAAS product that helps bridge the gap between learning and doing. A game-centric platform that improves talent retention. 

A platform for personal data protection. Eliminates the risk of scams, fraud, and identity theft. 

NuFund is one of largest, most successful and active early stage investor groups. I love being part of this group. 

My father taught me chess as a child. I am committed to chess in my community. Come play at the Temecula Chess Club!




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