Guy Reams- Growth Consultant

I like to create and then grow things. Especially in the tech space. My background as a CS professor, business owner, and tech executive has provided me the experience to do so. I also like to help others personally grow, which is why I maintain a daily blog dedicated to helping myself and others make and keep life changing commitments. 

Consultant | Writer | Investor | Chess Player
My daily blog is called The 365 Commitment. This has been a daily commitment of mine since January 7th 2018. I have been writing daily and it has been quite the journey!

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The Tale of Pony Tail Girl


These are the main projects that I am working on.

A SAAS Product focused on automating and reducing cost for Information Technology purchases. 

A project that I started to determine how to make and keep life changing commitments. 

I am seeking to invest, advise, and consult startup companies in the technology industry and in the San Diego, CA metro.

My father taught me chess as a child. I am committed to chess in my community. Come play at the Temecula Chess Club!




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